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About Donna

Donna Schwarz is an executive coach and trainer specializing in communication and public speaking skills, leadership and emotional intelligence, and sales presentations. She works closely with professionals to help them communicate with impact, drive organizational effectiveness, and win high-stakes sales opportunities.


— Donna’s Experience —

Donna works with C-level executives, VPs, managers, and sales teams. Many of her clients work in the following business sectors.

  • Prominent Law Firms

  • Technology

  • Advertising

  • Commercial Construction

  • Investment banks and hedge funds

  • Top 10 global pharmaceutical companies

  • Global foundations and nonprofits

— Education and Certification —

Donna’s professional experience and education are the foundation of her work. In her 20s and 30s she studied with prominent psychologists, mindfulness leaders and the founders of Neurolinguistics Programming. She honed her business skills in progressive leadership roles as a financial and operations executive.

  • MA in Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies

  • Licensed psychotherapist

  • Assessments: EQi 2.0, Goleman ESCI, Hay Group Leadership Styles & Climates, Clark Wilson Group Leadership Series, Hogan Assessments, Predictive Index, Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, and various 360-degree feedback instruments



Who we’ve worked with


Davis & Gilbert
Dewey & LeBeouf
Perkins Coie
Shearman & Sterling
Shulte Roth
Sidely Austin
White & Case


Interpublic Group


Analytic Partners
Berman Media Services
Clever Devices
CNY Group

Banking / Insurance

The Blackstone Group
Intercontinental Exchange
Man Group
ShelterPoint Life Insurance

Foundations / Nonprofits / Schools

Booker T. Washington Academy
Brighter Choice Foundation
International Women's Health Coalition
Jewish Federation of North America
Living Resources
Make A Wish
Open Society Foundations
Save the Children
SOS Kinderdorf
Urban Justice Center
Watchlist on Children in Armed Conflict


Communication Expertise

Donna understands how to move people—to inspire a positive emotional response from an audience. Her clients learn persuasive speaking strategies, including how to craft memorable key messages, use attention-grabbing delivery techniques, and create compelling stories. Confidence increases with Donna’s support, as they use their natural voice to express ideas passionately and authentically.

Productive business conversations that promote a high level of collaboration lead to agreement and create a work environment that moves objectives forward. Donna’s clients learn interaction skills to encourage an open dialogue by using a framework for starting a conversation that focuses on mutual goals and an improvisational strategy to keep it on track. To navigate difficult conversations with clients, supervisors, colleagues, or direct reports, clients use positive word choices that elevate the conversation and acknowledge differing points of view. Clients also learn how to challenge assertions and express their opinions, all while building harmonious relationships and promoting collaboration.

Sales Presentation Coaching

Prior to sales opportunities, Donna works with individuals and with teams to help them make a powerful connection with their customers. Instead of speaking at a potential client, they learn how to speak with a potential client by asking questions and encouraging dialogue. By promoting productive conversation focused on what is important to a customer, Donna’s clients earn trust and win business opportunities.

Leadership Development

Workshops target distinct skills to build capacity and to achieve organizational objectives. Programs incorporate actual business challenges into interactive activities to make exercises relevant and immediately actionable. Participants become invested through applying new tools and techniques while experiencing positive results.

Executive Coaching

Donna’s coaching programs emphasize specific objectives and incorporate feedback from key stakeholders to ensure that behavior change is visible and effective in the work environment. Midway through the process, Donna and her client meet with the client’s supervisor to gauge progress and to obtain additional feedback. The tie-off meeting with leadership at a program’s conclusion includes a written summary report with actionable recommendations for continued development.

Background in Finance and Psychology

Prior to becoming an executive coach, Donna served fifteen years in progressive leadership roles as a financial and operations executive. She was employee number five at a dynamic, self-financed Internet startup. Playing a pivotal role in the company’s growth, she led the financial, administrative, and human resources functions. Revenue and personnel grew by 300% for three consecutive years, resulting in a $40M cash acquisition by a multibillion-dollar international media holding company.

More About Donna

Donna is a sought-after speaker, quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine. She is a member of NY Metro ATD and serves in a leadership role on the Board of Managers of her New York City condominium.

Interests outside of work include creating recipes from seasonal foods, as well as hiking and biking to work off the calories. She adheres to the sentiment, “Feel the sense of fulfillment that comes from seeing your dreams come alive.”