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Sales Presentations

Listen | Connect | Win


Target what your clients actually want.

  • Respond to the underlying concerns and needs of your clients.

  • Align content to demonstrate value and meet client business goals.

  • Earn client trust. Build strong, lasting relationships and win business.


“We were finalists for a high-value sales opportunity. With Donna’s help, we won the account! Her feedback was meaningful and constructive. We could act on it right away. We came across as confident and credible. We made a strong impact on the client.”
— Craig M. Lang, Senior Vice President Business Development, Clever Devices


Distinguish yourself from your competition by making a powerful connection with clients. We provide targeted coaching to boost your sales presentations and achieve your business development goals.

Powerful Content
Create powerful talking points, show dynamic visuals, and define your key differentiators. We focus on how your products and services create value for your client.

Engage the Client
Speak with the client instead of at the client. Engage them into a conversation that focuses on what’s important to them. Earn their trust by asking informed questions that show you care.


Techniques for Keeping You on Track

Planning for the unexpected is the secret to success with clients. Use techniques for improvisational conversations that speak to client concerns and build trust.

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  • Focus on your organization’s objectives for the meeting

  • Define your competitive advantage

  • Integrate information from RFPs, sales requirements, client correspondence, and PowerPoint decks

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Create Content

  • Align content with customer needs

  • Craft emotionally powerful key messages

  • Make your presentation engaging and easy to follow

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Presentation Skills 

  • Engage your client by speaking in a natural, conversational manner

  • Use stories to capture your audience’s attention 

  • Keep your client’s attention with dynamic presentation techniques

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  • Use a proven Q&A model to incorporate your client’s perspective in the answer

  • Exude confidence and a strong professional presence

  • Be at ease—even when faced with challenging questions

Focused Sales Presentation Coaching

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Team Coaching

Orchestrate your team for a dynamic and engaging presentation.

Our three-day intensive program refines your content and uses video practice sessions to develop strong presentations. Our practice Q&A sessions simulate real interactions and use a proven technique for building trust and credibility with clients.

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Individual customized sessions

Be confident and credible when speaking in front of prospective clients. Our intensive coaching includes content review to refine key messages and video practice sessions for engaging delivery. Coaching sessions range from three hours to several sessions.