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Leadership Skills

Empower | Motivate | Transform


Be a leader people choose to follow.

Actions may speak louder than words. A good leader knows you need both.

When people believe in leaders, they follow. Earning trust and respect as a leader comes from what you do—and how you do it.


“It’s amazing to see the skill transformation that takes place in our leadership workshops through experiential learning, like role playing, group activities, and peer-to-peer coaching. Donna is thoughtful, insightful, and right on target with her assessments of the situation and people. Her ideas and input make our training classes and group sessions more interesting and engaging. Because of all of this, Donna is our go-to training and development consultant.”
— Irene Gordon, VP Training, Analytic Partners


Workshops and Programs

Our experiential programs focus on actionable skills that move your career forward. You learn step-by-step models and proven methodologies through interactive exercises that simulate existing work dynamics.

Structured Process

  • Stakeholder Interviews—clarify objectives, identify business case scenarios

  • Customized activities incorporating actual business challenges

  • Step-by-step models for fostering superior performance

  • Team and individual assessments

Transforming Learning into Action

Implement a focused plan of action. Follow-up coaching sessions support lasting change.

Optimal Learning Environment

  • High energy, engaging activities

  • Exercises incorporating relevant business challenges

  • Safe, supportive and fun environment for growing leadership skills


Focused Leadership Skills Workshops

Our workshops are interactive, one-day events that focus on specific leadership skills. To make the program relevant, we incorporate actual workplace challenges into the exercises. All workshops include coaching sessions directly following the program.


1. Feedback is a gift

Lead and inspire action by engaging in feedback conversations resulting in lasting change. Learn a simple model to kick-off conversation and an improvisational strategy to keep you on track.

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2. The Art of PUSHING BACK: Managing Up

Speak up and assert your opinion while building trusting relationships. Learn a 5-step model to encourage open dialogue that increases collaboration and productivity.

3. Emotional Intelligence in action

Gain self-awareness about how your thoughts and feelings influence your actions. Experiential activities are designed to broaden your perspective to advance your career.


Customized Leadership Programs

Leadership off-sites are typically 2 to 5 days. We focus on a specific set of leadership skills for meeting your corporate objectives. We customize each program to align with your culture and to address specific business challenges.

  • Collaborative Conversations

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Influence and Leadership Style

  • Relationship Building

  • Leading with Influence

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Team Building



Organizational Leadership Development Programs

Cultural improvement across an organization happens when leadership teams are motivated to make changes — and have the skills to implement the changes. Our programs strategically address specific challenges facing your company through validated psychometric assessment, group programs, and coaching sessions.

  • Collaborate with leadership to define learning objectives

  • Customized design of interactive activities

  • Creative activities to stimulate original thinking

  • Incorporate business scenarios to make learning actionable

  • Action plans to integrate with development and performance goals

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Leadership Development Programs

Achieve cultural improvement by boosting leadership skills. Our work with leadership teams is an end-to-end process from assessment to group sessions to focused coaching sessions. Programs focus on promoting action and learning as individuals, as a team and as an organization.

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Off-site programs

Meet your business objectives with customized learning experiences designed for your culture. Interactive exercises simulate existing work conditions, challenging participants to take risks, develop new skills, and improve leadership skills.

Real-Time Application
of Leadership Skills

Learn by doing.

Participants delve deep into challenging workplace situations. They learn critical skills that they immediately apply.