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Prepare | Practice | Present

How do you show the world who you are?

  • Be Compelling. Create powerful presentations. Make a lasting impact with your audience.

  • Be Courageous. Be confident and credible. Overcome your fear when speaking to others.

  • Be Memorable. Speak to inspire. Express your ideas with the passion you feel for them.


“Although I am a seasoned public speaker, this was my first time doing a TED talk-style ‘fireside chat.’ I jumped at the opportunity to work with Donna. WOW! Our short session and her skillful, practical coaching enabled me to have the impact I wanted. I look forward to working with Donna again - to further benefit from her expertise.”
— Jessica Scott, MD, JD. Head of R&D Patient Engagement


You've worked hard to become an expert in your field. Now, it’s time to present.


Our workshops are structured, live events. Individuals learn proven public speaking techniques to create and deliver high-impact presentations. We use video recording and constructive feedback for actionable results. You build confidence as you blend your natural personality into your presentation.

  • Small group workshops—maximum of 8 per session, 3.5 hours in length

  • 50-minute individual coaching sessions—1 per participant

  • Video clips of your individual presentation

  • Workbook with presentation tools and fill-in templates

Communication Skills Training: Level I Series

Understand your audience’s mindset, anticipate objections, and align your presentation to meet their needs. In this series of workshops, you will use a structure to create a focused, organized presentation that is engaging and memorable.

1. What execs want

Be a key resource for your organization’s leadership. Learn how to create executive-level presentations that highlight the essential information executives need to know.

2. What Clients want

Win opportunities by engaging clients in conversation to demonstrate how your products and services meet their business needs.

3. Content & Structure

Overcome fears, gain confidence, and be at ease when speaking in front of others. Create high-impact, memorable presentations that connect with your audience.

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4. Executive-Level Engagement

Earn respect and credibility by mastering high-stakes conversations. Use executive-level engagement techniques to navigate high-pressure meetings, assert your point of view, and build rapport with senior-level decision makers.

5. Delivery & Style

Capture your audience’s attention by using proven public speaking techniques that blend with your natural style.


Communication Skills Training: Level II Series

Build on the communication skills that you learned in Level 1. This series of advanced workshops involves presenting complex data and concepts in an engaging way, persuasive storytelling, creating dynamic visuals, and handling Q&A like a pro.

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1. Compelling Presentations

Make a lasting impression using compelling statistics, illuminating stories, and powerful visuals that the audience will remember long after your presentation.

2. Delivering Presentations

Be dynamic and influential by integrating public speaking techniques into key points of your presentation.


3. Q&A Like a Pro

Demonstrate the depth of your knowledge. Learn a simple, 3-step model that acknowledges the questioner’s perspective while emphasizing your key messages.



Real World Application of Presentation Skillsets

Work with the real thing.

To effectively communicate, you need to own what you are saying. Workshop participants use a subject for an actual presentation that they will be giving in the near future.

“Donna has provided presentation skills coaching for our teams and individuals – her expertise addresses the needs of both technical and non-technical employees. All who meet with her leave with tools, techniques and greater confidence in their abilities. A value-added experience for all!”
— Susan Zeidman, Managing Director, Learning & Development , Clever Devices